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Support energy levels so you can push it harder in the gym. This pre-workout will give you an instant boost in energy for extreme pump and stamina.
Increase focus and intensity, so you train with purpose. Get to your session with a commitment to give it all, resulting in a killer session.
Fight fatigue so you can pump out those last reps that you would have given up doing. Synergistic ingredients will help to fend off mental and physical exhaustion.
Enhance muscle growth and strength with key compound ingredients. You will get more from each workout so you can increase muscle strength and growth.
Assist the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, giving you optimal results.

Backed by research, K-OS is the perfect supplement to take before your next workout. It can help you push through training plateau’s, boost the work capacity of muscles, increase strength and enhance recovery and contains less than 1g of carbohydrate per serve. Also K-OS contains nothing of the WADA prohibited substances list , is certified under the Informed Sport supplement guarantee and made to the highest quality in GMP / HACCP certified manufacturing facilities.