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INTRA HYDRA™ is designed to promote activity levels and hydration intra (during) workouts.

Powered by ingredients that promote strength, hydration, recovery, motivation, and focus, INTRA HYDRA™ features 3 of nature’s most hydrating fruits - Pineapple, Coconut, and Watermelon. These 3 super-fruits provide the optimal ratio of electrolytes to help keep muscles hydrated during the most intense exercise routines.

INTRA HYDRA™ also contains 7G of BCAAs (per serving) at the clinically accepted and heavily researched 2:1:1 ratio, not only delivering strength and endurance, but also a reduction in muscle fatigue and soreness.

Plus with 3 of the most effective mood enhancers (theanine, alpha-GPC, and TeaCrine) to help you focus, use INTRA HYDRA™ daily to help you REDEFINEYOURSELF®