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  • Zero Added Sugars!
  • Gluten Free!
  • Provides more calories, nutrients and protein, than most others in the sports nutrition market.
  • Taste & Texture profile is taken directly from Giant Sports International industry leading Delicious Protein® Elite line!
  • Helps keep you in a nutrient fed state for hours after training; If you’re a hard gainer looking to take your physique to the next level, increasing muscle mass is much easier with with Muscle Maker!

Adding quality lean muscle mass isn’t as easy for some people as it is for others. Some people naturally have smaller appetites or very fast metabolisms while many people just don’t have the time to consume the quality protein, nutrients and calories that are absolutely required to ignite and sustain the muscle making process. Enter Giant Sports Muscle Maker, a scientifically designed, high protein, absolutely delicious gainer product, formulated specifically to provide the ideal ingredients in the proper amounts and ratios to help the educated athlete and support quality lean muscle mass. If you are a traditional hard gainer or just someone who needs to bulk up and add strength and size as fast as possible, Giant Sports Muscle Maker can help support your maximum muscle size and strength from your training while tremendously aiding in nutrient recovery from intense workouts. When taken prior to training, the intense nutrient support you will experience will let you know that Muscle Maker is working from the very 1st serving.

Serving Suggestion add 1 serving of Muscle Maker to a blender filled with 350-400 mL of cold water; Blend for 10-15 seconds; Drink 1-3 servings per day; Muscle Maker mixes perfectly in a shaker cup too.