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EXTREME CARBS Energy & Glycogen Recovery Formula was specifically designed to improve post-workout glycogen synthesis, enhance anabolic recovery and provide a simple and easy source of energy rich carbohydrates.

EXTREME CARBS provides high Glycemic Index (G.I) glucose to initiate muscle glycogen replacement and make the most of the body’s natural recovery systems. The glycogen recovery formulation is supported with fructose, which preferentially restores liver glycogen. The mixture of glucose and fructose can further increase insulin levels, improving the body’s anabolic state.

EXTREME CARBS is much more advanced compared to regular glycogen replenishment drinks and simple glucose polymer products. To make sure that increased amounts of energy replenishing carbs enter into your depleted muscles where they are needed, EXTREME CARBS includes PromilinTM. This roundbreaking new ingredient has been proven to promote glucose-induced insulin release and may help with the transport of glucose to skeletal muscle, where it may be used for energy, recovery and muscle growth, instead of being stored as body fat.

Derived from fenugreek seeds, research demonstrates the distinct bioactive compound in PromilinTM (4-hydroxyisoleucine) promotes the body to utilise insulin much more effectively, enhances insulin sensitivity, promotes lean muscle mass and aids anabolic recovery.