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VITALITY 🍃by Switch Nutriton.

Why this is staple in our diet⤵️

🔹Zero Lactose
🔹Zero Gluten
🔹Zero Artifical Colours
🔹Zero Artificial Flavours
🔹Naturally Sweetened With Stevia
🔹Super Green Whole Food Blend
🔹Organic Medicinal Mushroom Blend
🔹Digestive Enzyme Blend
🔹Gut Health Blend
🔹Detox & Immune Support Blend
🔹Unlike other greens supplements this taste amazing.
🔹The elite blend improves health from the inside out.

What to expect from this product :

🔹Improved hair, skin & nail health

🔹Reduced acidity in the body
🔹Increase in gut health and digestive ability
🔹Improved cognition and brain function
🔹Reduced inflammation