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Tired of training hard, only to experience slow recovery and minimal results? Boasting fast recovery and enhanced lean muscle mass, MuscleTech’s cutting-edge Platinum 100% Glutamine formula is your one-stop solution for getting the results you’ve worked hard for!

It’s no secret that training hard without the right supplementation can put you on a slower route to achieving your goals, and in some instances, it may actually hinder you from reaching them at all. And when it comes to your muscles most abundant amino acid, Glutamine, this is often the case. Following an intense training session, your muscles glutamine stores are low, which in turn impacts muscle growth, strength, stamina and recovery. MuscleTech Platinum 100% Pure Glutamine is the answer to your glutamine depletion. Designed to rapidly replenish glutamine levels post-workout, Platinum 100% Pure Glutamine is highly-regarded for its role in supporting protein synthesis, muscle growth, recovery, immune health functionality and reducing muscle tissue breakdown.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 5g of pure Glutamine per scoop

  • Restores glutamine levels – Did you know that an intense workout can drain up to 50% of your muscle tissue glutamine stores? Platinum 100% Glutamine contains ultra-pure micronized glutamine to replenish your glutamine levels and assist with muscle growth and recovery.

  • Supports muscle growth – Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the body, and as amino acids are the building blocks of protein, Glutamine plays an important role in protein synthesis. Additionally, an increase in glutamine is known to prevent the breakdown of leucine, which is key for muscle growth.

  • Supports immune health – Glutamine assists with the facilitation of nitrogen metabolism, the balance of acid-base levels in the kidney, and is an important fuel source for the immune system. As such, increasing glutamine levels are likely to have a positive impact on immune health function, which will assist you in feeling and performing your best.

  • Encourages faster recovery – In addition to assisting with quicker muscle and strength recovery, Glutamine supplementation is said to also protect your body against the negative effects associated with oxidative stress chemicals after an intense workout.

  • Reduces muscle breakdown – Glutamine acts as a free nitrogen donor, which helps your muscles build the amino acids required to encourage a fast recovery and minimise muscle breakdown.

As a building block of protein and a key player in ensuring optimal immune health, there’s no denying the importance of glutamine for both workout performance and everyday functionality. If you’re looking for the perfect aid to assist your performance, enhance muscle growth and fast-track muscle recovery and maintain immune health, MuscleTech’s cutting-edge Platinum 100% Glutamine may be just the answer for you!

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