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When it comes to building muscle as well as burning fat, amino acids are incredibly important. Without these building blocks that make up your muscle tissues, you’ll see little to no progress and if dieting, you may actually move backwards.

Muscle mass loss is very real in a hypocalorie state so when you’re trying to get lean, you need to protect all that hard earned muscle tissue.

Rapid Recovery by Rapid Supplements will go that extra mile to ensure you aren’t losing any lean muscle while also ensuring that you see nothing but the best of strength gains and progress.

Branched chain amino acids are specific amino acids that move directly to the muscle tissues, bypassing the liver where they are normally processed. This allows them to go to work almost immediately, giving you fast results you can count on during your workout session.

Along with that, Rapid Recovery is also going to provide you with the essential amino acids that your body cannot make on its own, so much be taken in through external sources (food or supplements). This will help guarantee that you have the necessary ingredients to build new lean muscle mass – and repair the muscle tissue you have.

With each serving of Rapid Recovery you are going to receive:
  • Improved strength and endurance performance
  • Faster recovery between workout sessions
  • Decreased rate of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) post workout
  • Less risk of lean muscle mass loss
  • Greater protein turnover, which leads to better overall rates of muscle building

To use this product, simply mix it with some water and sip it before, during and/or after your workout session. As an added benefit, because it adds delicious flavour to your water, it may encourage you to drink more, which then brings about even more added benefits. Being in a dehydrated state is one of the worst things you can do when trying to get in a solid workout session, so you must prevent that. Rapid Recovery will help you do just that.

With each serving of Rapid Recovery by Rapid Supplements you’ll get:
  • Just 34 calories – an easy add to any diet plan
  • 7.2 grams of protein
  • no fat
  • no sugar
  • 38 mg of sodium
  • An extra large dose of L-Leucine to really boost muscle tissue repair and recovery

So safeguard those muscles and speed up your recovery with Rapid Recovery. It should be an essential requirement for every workout session you do.

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