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With their renowned military styling, product names and product performance, Redcon1 have built a brand on the backbone of high-quality products designed to provide military quality precision and performance.

More commonly known as Meals Ready to Eat in the military, MRE’s were designed to give combatant’s maximum nutrients, and energy in the convenience of a single pack of food.


Redcon1 have gone that extra step and have now created perhaps the most nutrient dense, whole food product available on the market to date.

  • Real Food Protein
  • Real Food Carbohydrates
  • Real Food Fats

Literally, every macronutrient based ingredient in MRE is derived from whole food!

  • No cheap fillers
  • No cheap ingredients
  • No cheap formulas


Protein Blend

The protein blend contains beef protein isolate, salmon protein, chicken protein, egg albumin, brown rice protein and pea protein. Combining 6 different proteins from varied animal and plant material maximises the natural amino acid profile and ensures optimal bioavailability is achieved through an effective amino acid profile that is perfect for stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Carbohydrate Blend

The carbohydrate blend contains rolled oats, dehydrated yams, dehydrated sweet potato, pea starch, dehydrated blueberry, dehydrated goji fruit and coconut water powder. This whole food blend ensures a steady state release of carbohydrates enter the bloodstream, which helps maintain appetite levels more effectively, plus it is packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants to help fight off free radical damage and inflammation as well.

Final Thoughts

MRE combines whole food ingredients into one nutrient dense shake that is low fat, high carbohydrate, high protein and suitable for anyone trying to get a nutritious meal on the run.

No more cafe food where you can’t control the quality!

With added MCT oil only for its fat source, MRE uses no cheap oils but instead relies on oils that fuel the muscle as opposed to storing fat.

Repair, recover and rebuild with the nutrients you need!



Take 1 scoop mixed with 14 – 16 ounces of water or your favourite beverage at least once per day. For maximum results, take 1 serving immediately post workout and 1 serving anytime throughout the day to add an additional meal.


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