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First, unlike many products on the market, you don’t just get the basics. You also get a range of ingredients to help maintain your mental processes while you’re dieting.

Ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like hitting the gym and doing that workout? Sure you may have went, but how effective was that session, really? With Showtime, every single workout you do will help move you closer to your end goal.

Some of the great benefits you can look forward to receiving when taking Showtime include:

  • Support for your dream body goals
  • Help to maintain your healthy weight
  • Maintaining energy while exercising and throughout the day
  • Help to keep you determined and persistent on your goals
  • Support for focused attention
  • A way to keep you on track with your fitness
  • Support for motivation and desire to get into the gym and train hard
  • Calorie free formula so you can save your calories for real food
  • Soy and dairy free – no more bloating to worry about
  • Antioxidants to manage free radicals and maintain general health and wellbeing

If you’re dieting, you can’t afford not to have Showtime on your side. What are some of the ingredients you’ll get with this supplement?

  • Caffeine
  • Beet root extract
  • Synephrine HCI

This product can be used both as a pre-workout as well as just an energy aid throughout the day as necessary. To use pre-workout, take one scoop about 20 minutes prior to training. To use as an energy aid, take one scoop with water before breakfast or lunch. Refrain from taking in the late afternoon as it does contain caffeine.

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